Otenlab is born from the encounter of Inga & Maïa; simply, two girls passionate about fashion and willing to pool their experience and sensitivity to shape and share their common creative universe.   

The Otenlab experience we feature has been designed to reveal a sharp selection of designers based on a coupled exclusivity and ‘coup-de-coeur’ principle.

Our choices are, of course, driven by current trends but we also make a point of proposing garments and accessories which we trust and for which we can guarantee not only the quality, material, and finishing, but also ethical manufacturing conditions.

Our uniqueness is greatly emphasized by the ‘scenery’ of these collections, such as:

- An intimate, off-beat, inspiring boutique

- Both clothing and accessories collections

- Continuously revisited proposals of looks following our inspirations

- Our own in-house ‘Oten’ collection which reflects our fashion wishes 

All of this makes Otenlab an urban cloakroom with strong personality.



Osklen is the Brazilian brand of chic sportswear.

It's founder Oskar Metsavaht, an ex-surfer passionate about ecology, gets his inspiration from the every day  life of men and women who live in a world where urban and natural, global and local, organic and technological co-exist.



Using both traditional and innovative techniques on the core fabrications of modal jersey, cashmere blends and washed linen, the Charli label has earned a close following. 

What started as a capsule collection of jersey basics in the CHARLI multibrand London stores in 2008 has now become an international brand developing collections of superb basics, both chic and comfortable.


Candy for All

C.AND.Y FOR ALL is the second line of scarf brand CARSTEN HAASE, introducing a fresh concept for young womens collection of T-shirts at accessible democratic prices.

Each season one particular artist is selected to express his or her talent and universe in accordance with our brand graphic identity. Art meets fashion and vice versa.



Oten is the brand born from the encounter of Inga and Maïa, fashion designers and passionates at heart. It is both an urban and timeless cloakroom offering minimalist and cutting edge clothing. The street, travels and art in general are their sources of inspiration. Oten clothing is hand-made in Brussels with particular attention to the choice of fabrics, the cut and finishes. The pieces are made to order and only in a limited quantity. New pieces of clothing are designed as they fancy independently of the collections.


Carsten Haase

It’s a hare with feet of a stork and a bust of a cockerel that serves as the logo for the eponymous brand: in German ‘Haase’ means ‘hare’. Scarves were the first accessories of this brand launched in early 2012. The prints are inspired by mythology, imaginary journeys and ‘cabinets de curiosité’, often evoking the birth of new chimeras.

‘A scarf folds and unfolds. It’s a game and the games of Carsten Haase need second reading, double takes.’

The scarves made of cotton and silk that we have selected for this season are hand-woven in Portugal. They can already be found in some concept stores in France, Switzerland, Italy and Japan.  Meanwhile we wholeheartedly wish all the best to this facetious hare. 



Circo jewelry was founded by Almudena Gil in 2005. After her studies in jewelry design, it did not take her long to stand on her own feet and design two collections per year. Very quickly she has developed an incomparable style associating different themes, patterns and materials. The animal kingdom and nature are a great source of inspiration for Circo, as is music, ‘art déco’ and antique cultures too, which then get mixed with a great deal of whim.

All pieces are hand-made in Spain. Her favourite metal, brass, is hand-sanded, welded and polished. Semi-precious stones and glass pearls are used to add colour to the various creations, as well as occasionally other materials such as coral and pearls. Some pieces require many working hours in studio. The ultimate goal: turn each jewel into a unique piece.